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Wednesday March 27th to Saturday March 30th at

East Kent Productions


East Kent Productions present Jonathan Holloway’s play adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel. Hugo’s passionate and epic tale of social injustice, class conflict, love and revolt in nineteenth century France is brought to life by the company who have been responsible for many quality dramas at the Granville since 2007.
On his release from Toulon prison Jean Valjean promptly breaks parole and uses the proceeds of some stolen silver to reinvent himself as a mayor and factory owner. Javert, the officer in charge of the prison workforce, vows to track down Valjean and return him to prison.
Valjean becomes the guardian of an orphan child named Cosette and dreams of finding peace by honouring her dying mother’s wish that he should take care of her daughter. But Javert's relentless pursuit of Valjean means that that peace will be a long time coming.

An amateur production by arrangement with Samuel French



Tickets £12.00